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Terms Of Use of Nazka Mapps

1. Applicability

These Terms Of Use apply to all websites of Nazka Mapps bv, with a registered office at Ravesteinstraat 48A, 3191 Hever, Belgium (BE 0500.452.197) (hereafter referred to as Nazka), unless a website expressly differs of these Terms on certain points. Among the 'Nazka Mapps' websites are,, and With Nazka websites also the related blogs, newsletters and map applications are understood. All visits to the ‘Nazka Mapps’ websites are subject to these Terms Of Use, including the special provisions obtained by the chosen website. By your visit to the website(s) you agree implicitly and unconditionally with the applicability of these Terms Of Use. Nazka can always change these Terms Of Use, and the updated Terms Of Use are valid from the moment they are online (on our websites).

2. Cookie policy

When visiting one of our websites, we ask you to agree with our Cookie Policy. In our cookie policy you can find further information regarding these cookies.

3. Privacy policy

When visiting the Nazka’ websites, you trust us with certain personal information (including location data). This trust is important to us. Check out our privacy policy so that you are aware of how your information is protected by us.

4. Liability

Nazka strives towards up-to-date and reliable information on its website(s). The content of the Nazka Mapps website(s) is provided "as is" for your personal use. The consultation and use of these websites is at the risk of the visitor. Nazka does not guarantee the correctness, completeness and accuracy of the information / content on its websites, whether it is self-collected or third-party information. Nazka is not liable for any damages of any kind, both direct and indirect, which you would suffer by visiting our websites. Nazka is not liable for any malfunctions, viruses, interruptions or errors in the network. Nazka reserves the right to optimize or adapt the structure, content, size, naming, headings, technical features and accessibility of these websites at any time and without notice. A temporary delay or unavailability or delayed operation cannot give rise to any financial or other compensation.

5. Upload/sharing of information

You grant Nazka permission to distribute, use, process, translate, adapt, and sell the Information you put online on our website, and this on all Nazka media, including the interactive maps and API’s of Nazka. "Information" means all texts, comments, photographs, postcards, (parts/components of) maps and videos. You declare that the information (including photos and/or postcards) uploaded by you on the Nazka website/application is free from any rights (including copyrights and the right to image) or that you have all the necessary rights to use this information. You therefore indemnify Nazka for any claim that a third party would bring against Nazka on the grounds of an infringement of intellectual property rights or any other right that would be claimed by this third party regarding the use of the information and this in both the principal amount as in interests, compensations and additional costs and convictions.

Nazka reserves the right to refuse or remove any content you place on the Nazka website/application if Nazka is of the opinion that it infringes intellectual property rights or any other right that could be claimed by a Third party, or when it was informed by a third party of an infringement. If you believe that certain information on our website infringes the law, you can report it to We investigate any criticism or complaint and take the appropriate measures as soon as possible (including removal of the information in question).

6. The access to and use of our website(s)

You have the right to use our website(s) locally to visualize the content. Commercial use by, for example, the (partial) acquisition of content is prohibited without the written permission of Nazka. You may not interfere with the normal functioning of our website(s) and you commit yourself to the following rules of conduct on our website(s):

In case of non-compliance with one or more of these rules of conduct, we reserve the right to refuse access to all of our websites.

7. Intellectual property rights

The information and delivered services given/provided on our website(s), and any software used to provide/create this, are protected by (intellectual) proprietary rights, which exclusively belong to Nazka or on which Nazka has a license. The entire or partial reproduction, distribution, sale, publication, adaptation, manipulation or use for commercial purposes in any manner is expressly prohibited. Exceptions to this may only be granted provided the prior written consent of Nazka. The storage of information from our websites in a database is expressly prohibited, except for the automatic caching of the information by the browser.

8. Register/sign-up for a Nazka website

This also includes registering for a Nazka service (e.g. API) or signing up for receiving a newsletter. By registering you agree to:

In case a password is needed, the password you choose and that you register with is personal, and you will not pass it on to third parties.

Nazka reserves the right to suspend or refuse registration and / or the requested service if it has reasonable suspicions that the information provided is incorrect, incomplete or outdated.

last update: June 2024